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Office Penguin Translation Agency | Japanese-English-Chinese Transition by Native Speakers

Seriously Good Translation
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Though our penguin may appear laid-back, our translation services are anything but.

 What Sets Us Apart: Features of Our Translation Services

What Sets Us Apart

PR & IR, Legal, Marketing, Creative | Translation Scope
翻訳会社 オフィスペンギン合同会社 英語翻訳及び中国語翻訳の実績一例(法務法令、広報、財務、医薬、特許など)

Main areas of specialization

PR & IR, Legal, Marketing, Creative | Translation Scope

We support other areas as well.

Supported Industries

  • Machinery and electronics, transportation equipment, materials
  • Finance, information and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, food
  • Construction and engineering, resources and energy
  • Wholesale/trading, logistics, warehousing, retail
  • Tourism, leisure, entertainment, services
Rates and Charges for Regular Translations

Rates and Charges

Translation rates usually fall within the ranges shown in the table.The translation charge is calculated by multiplying the rate by the quantity (1 per 100 words or 100 characters of the source text, rounded up to the nearest whole number).

Source Target Rate (excluding tax)
Japanese (100 characters) English ¥1,400 – 1,600
Japanese (100 characters) Chinese ¥1,200 – 1,500
English (100 words) Japanese ¥1,600 – 2,200
Chinese (100 characters) Japanese ¥1,000 – 1,500

*A separate design formatting fee may apply. (Simple formatting in Word is free.)

Translation Fees | Question

So, are your translations a good deal or what?

Translation Fees | Answer

In most cases, we can offer a lower rate than the industry standard published by the Japan Translation Federation, even for general translations. This is because we have digitalized our workflow and management, which saves us costs that we reflect in our fees.

Translation Fees | Question

Well, what will it cost me specifically?

Translation Fees | Answer

We offer free estimates for our services. The estimated price will be the final invoice price, as long as there are no changes to the manuscript after the order is placed.

Translation Fees | Question

Hmmm… That may be a little tight for our budget…

Translation Fees | Answer

We offer a first-time customer discount that you can use to experience our translation quality.

Additionally, for larger translation volumes or ongoing business relationships, we are happy to offer discounts and preferential rates.

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